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Photography projects:

Amazing people are doing amazing things. Their stories must be told. I tell their stories.

I am A) a photojournalist cum writer, B) a documentary film-maker and C) a wedding photographer / film-maker.

Besides the photography projects listed on this site, I offer my services under the following two brands (that I also own):

  1. (since 2014) – under which I create short documentary films from across India (and once in a while, abroad). This includes both personal and commissioned projects. I have created over 30 films so far. The most viral story has been viewed almost a million times.
  2. (since 2012) – under which I take up wedding photography and wedding-film projects, across India (and once in a while, abroad). I have worked in around 100 weddings so far. More details and work can be seen on the site.


Education-wise, I hold a dual degree (B.Tech & M.Tech) in Civil Engineering from IIT Madras. I graduated in 2008 and worked in PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a business consultant for four years before moving away from the corporate world to experiment with life. I am damn happy I made that move.

I have also been a blogger (since 2005) – is my blogging site. My Facebook page is, on Instagram you can follow me here and my Twitter handle is

I am location independent and keep traveling across India (and abroad) for my assignments. When not traveling, I stay in Goa with my wife (we don’t own any house; it’s just a rented flat). My wife is a dance and fitness instructor (an ex PR consultant) – we married in 2012.

Media mentions


  • Mid-Day: “Vatsa will screen the film [The Blind Footballers of India] as part of India Starts With I. It’s an initiative by Karmyo, a city-based platform that aims to inspire the youth to volunteer by connecting them with various NGOs”.
  • The Outdoor Journal: “There were films on mountain culture, climate change and strong individuals, such as Roads Unseen, a short story by Amrit Vatsa depicting the unwavering spirit of a blind mountain biker”.
  • Times of India: Now, you may ask, how can it be intimate if there’s a third person around, with a camera? Photographer Amrit Vatsa explains, “It’s not as if I’m hired, and I start to click. I wait for the couple to shed their defenses. It takes about a couple of hours to get comfortable, and then I get to see their natural chemistry. By that time, they have also slowly stopped seeing me.”


  • The Indian Express – “Occupying the top floor of a half-finished brick house, blogger and filmmaker Amrit Vatsa has woven together three-minute narratives from the village”
  • The Wire – “On May 30, Amrit Vatsa, an IIT graduate who produces 3-minute stories on film, screened his film on the village gardener who owns a gun. The villagers were in splits. They had never taken note of the unassuming Maniram – until Vatsa gave him a new identity, informed by his perspective.”
  • – “The artist with the boom mic is IITian Amrit Vatsa, who left the corporate world for more creative pursuits. He makes three-minute documentary films and moves around with his camera and mic, befriending villagers, trailing them across fields, into their homes, so that they can tell him their stories.”
  • Air India, in flight magazine – “Villagers are also the protagonists of Goa-based documentary filmmaker Amrit Vatsa’s three-minute films, which can now be seen online on Vatsa’s”
  • Cinema5D (an international indie-film-making resource site) – I am introduced as a new “Talent”
  • an online article about my wedding photography
  • – an article on my wife and me as a couple – “This couple has found a unique way to bring together their love for travel, photography and dance”


  • – an online news article about my personal vacation music video (“Holioke”)
  • Polka Cafe – I am listed as one of the top destination wedding photographers in India
  • Conde Naste Traveler – “While some have moved to Goa to chase their careers, others have moved to escape the hamster-wheel. Princy Mehta quit a global communication consultancy and moved from Mumbai with husband Amrit Vatsa, who gave up the necktie as a business consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.”
  • (a popular website for Indian movies) – my interview (as a documentary film-maker)


  • DNA India – a news article based on one of my short documentary films
  • – “The film’s narrator and director Amrit Vatsa says, “As long as we keep seeing rape merely as a sexual act, every time we get angry by some incident that shakes us up, all that we end up saying are things like bring justice, hang the rapist … but that’s just not enough. … We have to stop gender-policing.””
  • PetaPixel, SLR Lounge (two separate international online photography resource sites) – articles on one of my short documentary films
  • Know Your star – an online magazine interviews me (about my journey as a photographer and film-maker)


  • The Hindu – an article on me (when I was still into Business Consulting)


  • The Economic Times – an article about the web-comic culture in India – “Amrit Vatsa, an IIT Madras post-graduate known for his web comic ‘Shitoons’”