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Photography projects:

I create and share real life video-stories and photographs. I also create photo/video art-work from weddings.

Besides the photography projects listed above on this site, I offer my services under the following two brands (that I also own):

  1. (since 2014) – under which I create short documentary films from across India (and once in a while, abroad). There are two kinds of films that I make. One, is where corporates and non-profits hire me to tell their stories or the stories of those they may have positively impacted. Such stories help them raise funds, sell more, hire people, position / strengthen the value of their brand etc. And then the second type of stories that I create is simply on amazing people doing amazing things. These people don’t hire me as such. I just find them and often spend my own time, money and energy to create their video-stories (like the blind footballers of India for example). Well, because the world would be a better place if their stories would be told! 🙂 I have created over 50 films so far. The most viral story has been viewed almost a million times.
  2. (since 2012) – under which I take up wedding photography and wedding-film projects, across India (and once in a while, abroad). I have worked in around 100 weddings so far. More details and work can be seen on the site. My philosophy behind wedding photography can be seen in the below video.

Education-wise, I hold a dual degree (B.Tech & M.Tech) in Civil Engineering from IIT Madras. I graduated in 2008 and worked in PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a business consultant for four years before moving away from the corporate world to experiment with life.

I have also been a blogger (since 2005) – is my blogging site. My Facebook page is, on Instagram you can follow me here and my Twitter handle is

I am location independent and keep traveling across India (and abroad) for my assignments. When not traveling, I stay in Goa with my wife (we don’t own any house; it’s just a rented flat). My wife is a dance and fitness instructor (an ex PR consultant) – we married in 2012.

Media mentions


  • The Tribune – “Amrit Vatsa of 3MS visually chronicled rural life for a global audience, including a well-received short about Maniram, the gun-owning gardener.


  • Mid-Day: “Vatsa will screen the film [The Blind Footballers of India] as part of India Starts With I. It’s an initiative by Karmyo, a city-based platform that aims to inspire the youth to volunteer by connecting them with various NGOs”.
  • The Outdoor Journal: “There were films on mountain culture, climate change and strong individuals, such as Roads Unseen, a short story by Amrit Vatsa depicting the unwavering spirit of a blind mountain biker”.
  • Times of India: Now, you may ask, how can it be intimate if there’s a third person around, with a camera? Photographer Amrit Vatsa explains, “It’s not as if I’m hired, and I start to click. I wait for the couple to shed their defenses. It takes about a couple of hours to get comfortable, and then I get to see their natural chemistry. By that time, they have also slowly stopped seeing me.”


  • The Indian Express – “Occupying the top floor of a half-finished brick house, blogger and filmmaker Amrit Vatsa has woven together three-minute narratives from the village”
  • The Wire – “On May 30, Amrit Vatsa, an IIT graduate who produces 3-minute stories on film, screened his film on the village gardener who owns a gun. The villagers were in splits. They had never taken note of the unassuming Maniram – until Vatsa gave him a new identity, informed by his perspective.”
  • – “The artist with the boom mic is IITian Amrit Vatsa, who left the corporate world for more creative pursuits. He makes three-minute documentary films and moves around with his camera and mic, befriending villagers, trailing them across fields, into their homes, so that they can tell him their stories.”
  • Air India, in flight magazine – “Villagers are also the protagonists of Goa-based documentary filmmaker Amrit Vatsa’s three-minute films, which can now be seen online on Vatsa’s”
  • Cinema5D (an international indie-film-making resource site) – I am introduced as a new “Talent”
  • an online article about my wedding photography
  • – an article on my wife and me as a couple – “This couple has found a unique way to bring together their love for travel, photography and dance”


  • – an online news article about my personal vacation music video (“Holioke”)
  • Polka Cafe – I am listed as one of the top destination wedding photographers in India
  • Conde Naste Traveler – “While some have moved to Goa to chase their careers, others have moved to escape the hamster-wheel. Princy Mehta quit a global communication consultancy and moved from Mumbai with husband Amrit Vatsa, who gave up the necktie as a business consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.”
  • (a popular website for Indian movies) – my interview (as a documentary film-maker)


  • DNA India – a news article based on one of my short documentary films
  • – “The film’s narrator and director Amrit Vatsa says, “As long as we keep seeing rape merely as a sexual act, every time we get angry by some incident that shakes us up, all that we end up saying are things like bring justice, hang the rapist … but that’s just not enough. … We have to stop gender-policing.””
  • PetaPixel, SLR Lounge (two separate international online photography resource sites) – articles on one of my short documentary films
  • Know Your star – an online magazine interviews me (about my journey as a photographer and film-maker)


  • The Hindu – an article on me (when I was still into Business Consulting)


  • The Economic Times – an article about the web-comic culture in India – “Amrit Vatsa, an IIT Madras post-graduate known for his web comic ‘Shitoons’”

*Cover picture by Umang Thebaria

I had also worked for a website selling personalised gifts. Here are few categories that I worked on. Personalised Gifts for Him 2. Birthday Gifts 3. Personalised Anniversary gifts for husband 4. Creative Valentine’s day gifts I will soon add few more of my favourite sites from the Internet here.