A day with an NGO worker – Vol 1


April might not be the hottest month in Delhi but it’s hot enough.

I spent one such hot day with Sonali. These images are from that day (Apr 2017). Sonali is doing her fellowship at Child Survival India (CSI).

CSI is a twenty six year old NGO. Although it started with focus solely on children (and hence the name), today it does several things. Sonali showed me some of the stuff that it does. A lot of stuff that this NGO does, happens on the ground. Under the sun. It was a tiring day, yes. But I do believe I got back with some interesting images.

The day ended and I was tired. It was too hot for me to handle. My work might have been over but the NGO workers do what they do throughout the year, on all working days. Doesn’t matter how hot it gets (those who haven’t been to Delhi should know that it gets really really hot, especially in May-June). This is a never ending work. I am glad someone is doing it!

I had also worked for a website selling personalised gifts. Here are few categories that I worked on. Personalised Gifts for Him 2. Birthday Gifts 3. Personalised Anniversary gifts for husband 4. Creative Valentine’s day gifts I will soon add few more of my favourite sites from the Internet here.