My wife Princy


I wonder if it sounds silly to have a photo project on one’s wife. May be it is. But here it is anyway! These photographs taken over several years (and to be continued) do put together a perspective that is unique. At least I think so. The true value of this (so called) project, if any, shall be decided in the future perhaps.

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Princy and I. We met in Ahmedabad where we had a common client. I was a business consultant, she a PR consultant – working in different companies. The year was 2010. We were single and started dating. We have been dating ever since. Somewhere in between (2012 end) we got married too.

I had also worked for a website selling personalised gifts. Here are few categories that I worked on. Personalised Gifts for Him 2. Birthday Gifts 3. Personalised Anniversary gifts for husband 4. Creative Valentine’s day gifts I will soon add few more of my favourite sites from the Internet here.